MOS Description


(Closed to Women)

Mechanized Infantryman

Major Duties - The mechanized infantryman leads, supervises, and serves as a member of a fighting vehicle unit or activity employing vehicle and dismounted weapons in comtedbat operations.

Entry Level - Performs duties as infantryman fighting vehicle driver, gunner, or fire team member. Operates both mounted and dismounted to close with and destroy the enemy. Employs, operates, and maintains assigned weapons and equipment. Employs proper dismounted movement techniques, cover, concealment, and camouflage as part of dismount team. Performs basic communication functions and operates platoon communications equipment. Constructs individual fighting positions. Assists in the construction of fortification and barriers, including minefields and obstacles. Assist in the breaching of minefields and obstacles. Collects and reports tactical information as member of combat or reconnaissance patrol. Operates IFV over varied terrain in varied visibility. Conducts preventive maintenance checks and services on the IFV and its components. Assists in target detection, identification, and round sensing.

Skill Level 2 - Performs duties shown in preceding level of skill. Performs duties as IFV gunner or team leader of dismounted element. Provides technical and tactical guidance to subordinates and professional support to both subordinates and superiors in the performance of their duties. As team leader, leads infantry dismount team in combat operations; processes operational and intelligence data. Receives and implements combat orders. Evaluates terrain; selects weapons placement sites; assigns target engagement areas and fields of fire. Requests, observes, and adjusts direct and indirect supporting fires. Supervises construction of fortifications. Records operational information on maps; reads and interprets maps. Prepares sector sketch of vehicle or dismount team positions and sectors. As gunner, detects, acquires, identifies, and engages targets. Maintains the turret and weapon systems of the infantryman fighting vehicle.

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