MOS Description


(Closed to Women)

Multiple Launch Rocket System Automated Tactical Data Systems Specialist

Major Duties - The multiple launch rocket system operations/fire direction specialist leads, supervises, or serves as a member of a MLRS fire direction center or firing platoon headquarters.

Entry Level - Records and transmits firing data using the fire direction system and voice radio. Operates fire direction systems, Platoon Leaders Digital Message Device, and Multiple Launch Rocket System communications equipment. Participates in gathering of operations and intelligence data. Plots using fire capability charts and friendly and enemy situation maps. Records ammunition expenditure, equipment serviceability, situation, firing point, target, and mission reports. Drives section vehicles, performs operator/crew maintenance on section vehicles, generators, and equipment. Aids in collection and transmission of data. Installs, maintains, and operates radio wire communications, digital communications devices, and secure voice equipment.

Skill Level 2 - Assists in leading and directing fire direction personnel. Leads MOS 13P soldiers in MLRS Platoon FDC. Plots information using firing capabilities chart, friendly and enemy situation maps. Operates fire direction systems, platoon leaders digital message device, and multiple launch rocket system communications equipment. Converts fire orders to fire command.

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