MOS Description



Fire Control System Repairer

Major Duties - The fire control system repairer supervises and performs direct and general support maintenance on combat vehicle, infantry and artillery fire control systems and equipment, and related test equipment.

Entry Level - Maintains direct and general support and/or repairs laser ranger finders, ballistic computers, laser observation devices, laser designators, thermal imaging systems, periscopes, telescopes, commander's weapon station/auxiliary sights, aiming circles, image transfer assemblies, quadrants, mount assemblies, fire control support equipment, and test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment. Performs battlefield damage assessment and repair.

Skill Level 2 - Performs duties in preceding skill level, supervises lower grade soldiers and provides technical guidance to the soldiers to diagnose and troubleshoot malfunctions in fire control systems and related equipment at the direct and general support maintenance level.

Specific Qualifications for Initial Award of MOS:

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