MOS Description



Aircraft Electrician

Major Duties - The aircraft electrician supervises, inspects and performs aviation unit, intermediate and depot maintenance on aircraft electrical systems.

Entry Level - Diagnoses and troubleshoots malfunctions in electrical and electronic components, including solid state and transistorized subsystems. Repairs aircraft instrument systems. Applies principles of electricity/electronics, hydrostatic motion, pneumatics and hydraulics applicable to repair aircraft instrument systems. Removes, installs, repairs, adjusts and tests electrical/electronic elements of assemblies and components according to technical manuals, directives and safety procedures. Cleans, preserves and stores electrical/electronic components and aircraft instruments. Remove, repair, services, installs, and troubleshoots nickel-cadmium batteries. Uses and performs operator maintenance on common and special tools. Requisitions and maintains shop and bench stock for repair of aircraft electrical systems. Prepares forms and records related to aircraft maintenance.

Skill Level 2 - Performs duties of pervious skill level and provides technical guidance to subordinate soldiers. Participates in maintenance test flights as required.

Specific Qualifications for Initial Award of MOS:

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