MOS Description



Aircraft Components Repair Supervisor

Major Duties - The aircraft components repair supervisor supervises aviation unit, intermediate and depot maintenance on aircraft components, aviation communications and other electronic/electrical systems associated with Army aircraft. The individual must be knowledgeable of the duties performed by personnel in skills 68B, 68D, 68F, 68G, 68H, and 68N. Other major duties for skill 68K are: Supervises aircraft component and avionics repair and technical inspection activities. Determines man-hours, personnel, parts and facility requirements to repair aircraft components, avionics and associated equipment. Plans aircraft maintenance areas, component and avionics repair shops, and facilities. Instructs subordinates in aircraft component and avionics repair and technical inspection techniques and procedures according to directives, technical manuals, work standards, and operational policies. Maintains supply economy and discipline. Supervises the component and avionics repair technical training program. Prepares evaluations, special reports and records pertaining to aircraft component repair and related activities. Recommends and administers plans and policies.

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