Anderson, South Carolna is the home to the Headquarters Battery (HHB), Alpha Battery, Bravo Battery, Charlie Battery, and Delta Battery of the 1st Battalion, 263rd Air Defense Artillery.

Unit Insignia of the 263rd Armor
Shoulder Sleeve for the 263rd Armor

Below is a list of Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) located in Anderson with the Job title next to it.

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  • 00Z - Segeant Major
  • 14D - Hawk Missile System Crewmember (RC)
  • 14J - Air Defense Command, Control, Computers, Communication and intelligence Tactical Operation Center Enhanced Operator/Maintainer
  • 14R - Bradley Linebacker Crewmember
  • 24N - Chaparral System Mechanic (RC)
  • 31U - Signal Support Systems Specialist
  • 52D - Power Generation Equipment Repairer
  • 54B - Chemical Operations Specialist
  • 63B - Light-wheel Vehicle Mechanic
  • 63J - Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer
  • 63Z - Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor
  • 71D - Legal Specialist
  • 71L - Administrative Specialist
  • 71M - Chaplains Assistant
  • 75B - Personnel Administration Specialist
  • 75H -Personnel Services Specialist
  • 77F - Petroleum Supply Specialist

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